We're having a Class Reunion!

JUNE 12th AND 13th, 2015

Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, and come
to the Pueblo South '70
45 year class reunion!

Yep, it's that time again. Save the date!

June 12, and 13, 2015

Here's what we have, so far:

It's been five years since many of us got together as a class to celebrate a reunion, and now the time has finally arrived for our 45th class reunion! This is a wonderful opportunity to gather again to party and catch up with friends we've missed, and for those who didn't go last time, here's your chance to come and experience a fun time
with old friends and acquaintances.

Get ready to go "where the lights are bright", -Downtown!
The reunion dinner this year is at the Main Street Banquet Hall.
So fun remembering cruisin' and dragging Main street, shopping at Woolworth's, Crews Beggs and Fashion Bar! The Cooper and Chief Theaters, Monte's Restaurant, the Mozart, so much more!

We are now from all over the world, but we have an opportunity to come together again to share our 45th year class reunion! Come with a loved one, a friend or alone ('cause, when you're with your classmates, you're never alone!), -let’s just all get back together again.

This opportunity is one not to pass up!
Make the decision to come to your 45 year class reunion!
The reservation packet will arrive around March or April, 2015. Fill out the form and mail it along with your check to the address provided.

The South ‘70 Reunion Committee extends a warm welcome
to everyone.

See you June 12th and13th 2015!

Here’s some information we need from you
and you may need from us...

Update your contact information
Contact Mona Petrocco Klein to update the roster:
(719) 564-1070

Let Mona know if you know a classmate that may not be on the roster
so we can add them and send an invitation out.
One of our biggest challenges has been to locate people
that were in our class but not on the roster.

Send family photos for the video
Contact Ann Craig Lock to send photos:
11565 S. Eureka Way, South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 446-8374

Donate to the Reunion Fund
Contact Susan West Kochenberger to send donations:
2212 Cartier, Pueblo, CO 81005

Contact Katrina Small (Kathy Volpe)
(719) 577-9997

Friday Night Mixer, June 12, 2015

Where: Gold Dust Saloon Patio
217 S Union Ave, Pueblo, CO
When: June 12, 2015
Time: 6pm till (TBD).
A great way to get the reunion started! Join us starting at 6pm on the patio. Mingle, reacquaint and have a good time.
Come early and and have one of Pueblo's "Best Burgers and Fries".
(Food and drink are not provided by the reunion on this night.)
The B Street Bash is good entertainment afterwards and is in walking distance.

Other stuff:

Bring your cameras and video recorders.
Bring your annuals to be re-signed.
Dress in our school colors.
Got a letter jacket? Wear it!
Got a Cheerleader or Pepperette uniform? Wear it!
(Sure you can, -well, er, maybe not...)

Saturday Night Dinner, June 13, 2015

Where: Main Street Banquet Hall
209 N Main St., Pueblo, CO
When: June 13, 2015
Time: 6:30 Cocktails, 7:00 Welcome, 7:30-8:30 Dinner and Mingling 9:00-11:00
Continue to reacquaint and have a good time over dinner and music from our era. Watch the video slide show of our class on several screens. There will be presentations, awards, tributes, memory sharing and more.
Menu: Chicken Piccata Buffet plus a vegetarian choice, cup cakes and a cash bar
Photographer: Greg Lauricella

Other stuff:

A DVD of the video slide show will be available for purchase this night
and for later purchase.
The 2010 Memory book will be for sale, AND we will take orders for an
after-the-reunion 2015 Memory Book.
Bring your cameras.
Send Katrina any cool pic's and she will add them to the Memory Book!
Bring your annuals to be re-signed.

...And more:

Walk through at South High Saturday afternoon

Tentative: Covered dish picnic at Pueblo Mountain Park Sunday afternoon.
Great for the whole family! More details to come.


South '70 Reunion Committee Members

Announcements, Memory Book/Lots of Stuff
Katrina Small (Kathy Volpe)

Roster/Communication/Outreach/Lots of Stuff
Mona Petrocco Klein
Email: monapetklein@gmail

Outreach/Pueblo Mountain Park/Lots of Stuff
Bob Hunter

Roster/Communication/Memory Board/Lots of Stuff
Jeanne Mismash Kopasz

Venues/Sponsors/Lots of Stuff
Louie Carleo

Donations/Finances/Lots of Stuff
Susan West Kochenberger

Donations/Finances/Lots of Stuff
Sara Reinert Quinby

Video/Nametags/Lots of Stuff
Ann Craig Lock

Roster/Communication/Outreach/Lots of Stuff
Karen Hrutky Porter


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